Life Coach- Transformational Coach, in Fife, Edinburgh, or online, from the comfort of your home. 

Before getting into how I can serve you, please allow me to ask you something.

If you knew your dream life is just one thought away, what would you do?


I am Ruxandra 🤗

As a transformational coach, relaxation and stress management practitioner, I guide people as you, to become better versions of themselves.

I am also a Reiki Master and certified in clinical hypnosis. I love bringing all my knowledge and skills in my coaching practice.

In addition to my trainings I have a background of nursing people with dementia, therefore I’ll leave the judgements at the door. Your stories are in safe hands.

Sometimes, I use some of the ideas that pop up, through our coaching sessions, in my blog posts. I ask for your permission, of course. You would be amazed of how many of us have the same limitations. My blog posts are inspired from coaching and also my personal life. I love when people inspire people. So, you inspire me and our stories help people like us to not feel excluded. It’s so reassuring when we can relate, isn’t it?

And I also know how to mix compassion with leadership.

From the outset, I love to navigate deeper, and my natural curiosity allows me to get to know my clients’ deepest fears. We set goals, and we work towards them.

Sometimes, clarity comes in the two first sessions and light-bulb moments make my clients to understand exactly which way to go.

I like seeing coaching as a game, because in the end, we play with those nasty limiting beliefs. Those beliefs of not being good enough, or the fear of not being perceived as entitled or cocky. I’m sure you are familiar with ‘who do you think you are?’ or ‘it’s that all?’. Whenever you feel stuck, you have something that holds you back. Something that prevents you from your growth, as human being. And how do you know that? Because you feel resentment, guilt, shame. We can flip the coin. Every situation/ problem has at least two sides. I’m here to help you see the brighter side.

I know for sure that each of us can be more and with the right support, we can get there.

Whether that is progressing in your current job, a change of career, issues in your love life, achieving something higher in your life, I can help.

How do I know that, you may be asking. I know how our subconscious mind operates, most of us operate only 5% on a conscious level. That’s a long story, but imagine that by the age of 7 you’ve learned most of the skills you’re using now. How to love, how to be a husband or a wife, how money impact your life. If you’ve seen your parents struggling, or you heard them saying that ‘money don’t grow on trees’, or ‘money is the root of all evil’, 95% of your decisions will be made o fit those statements. If you are struggling with money, like most of us, now you know why.

But how can you change that? That’s where the fun begins. Firstly, we identify the problem, in this case money, secondly we replace those beliefs with other more positive beliefs and thirdly, we start taking steps towards improving your financial situation. May sound incredible, but is not a philosophy. Whether it’s about time, or money, or relationships, it’s the same principle. I know it works, not only from books, but I do have my own coach and I’m amazed everytime when I have an idea that I haven’t seen. Only because I haven’t asked myself the right question.

So, money don’t grow on trees… Money is made, obviously. What is one thing, you aren’t doing it now, but if you did, would improve your finances? Rest on that. 

Another thing we have in common is fear. The fear of trying something new, taking that leap of faith when we do not know where the path will lead can be paralyzing. And it needn’t be. This fear creates blockades and stops us achieving our full potential. As a transformational coach, I can help you to identify, to understand and to move beyond your fears. 

Each person is made differently and thinks differently, therefore I only believe in personal tailored coaching. I match my coaching and support to each individual. This can be done in person or remotely via Skype, Zoom or any other platforms you’re accustomed to.(Covid-19 Update: I am only offering coaching via Skype for the time being).

Find out more about me via the Who I am page and browse through some of my previous happy customer reviews on the what people say about coaching with me.

This is what people think about working with me

If you think of seeking coaching as a weakness, you may want to think again. As many people post on social media pics with their bodies, before and after, mental health and growth should be a thing to be proud to invest in. 

To sum up, coaching is not for everyone. It’s rather for people who have a feeling that they could be and do more, but they either feel overwhelmed, exhausted, scared or simply don’t know where to start.

There are many coaches and each of us have a different style, so myself, as a coach, I’m not for everyone either. That’s why, I offer a free online coaching session. And that is to decide, in agreement, if coaching is the best tool for you. It may not be, but what if it is?

If you think that’s the right time for you to invest in yourself. If you think you deserve to live a more fulfilling life, send me a message via WhatsApp at +4407738664319 and we can take it from there. I would love to be part of your journey and I am sure you will enjoy coaching with me.

Thank you for sharing your time with me! ♥️