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‘’We’re born alone, we live alone and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.’’ – Orson Welles
Crazy isn’t it? How can this be true? We have parents, our friends, lovers, partners, colleagues and the list can go on. I couldn’t get it. I know this quote for more than 10 years now and from time to time comes in my mind. I used to tell it to myself when I I had to face tough situations. But I got the true meaning now.
First of all we don’t own any of the people around us. We cannot own people. We can manipulate, or keeping them closely with our charisma, but they don’t belong to us. They come when we need them most, either when we call for them, or as a synchronicity. But we have our own spiritual path. Friends won’t be there forever as we are in a perpetual process of changing. We change ourselves not only physically, as the time goes by, but also at a vibrational level with the new experiences and lessons we learn. And hence, we start to attract in our lives people than resonate with our new vibrational level. We’re born alone. That’s a little awkward as we had our mother with us, doctors and nurses around us, so how can we be born alone? Through the power of will. We are born alone as our time to come on This Earth had come. We are not programmed to come after 9 months sharp. That’s a statistic to give us an idea about the labour process. We have a lot of people or only just our mother with us when we come on this world. But we came here because we wanted this. We came here to do our things. Some of us will be sceptical, I was also, trust me here, or trust others cause I am not the only one saying this. We are here to learn and to reverse to the world our teachings. We are here to deliver a message. We can be an example or a counterexample, we are here to move some things inside of others. We are here for our own growth, but alongside with our growth we have to return this service to the world. We are all a vehicle, that carry within us knowledge and information that have to be passed on. It’s our responsibility. We are as a network, what you say can change my life for better or for worse, depending on my level of knowledge and vice versa. I’ve met in my journey very intelligent people who carried a message and less intelligent people from who I’ve learnt so many things. Do not judge anyone. As the most less intelligent people can offer you the lesson of your life.
‘We are constantly receiving messages and we process them with the level of understanding we posses at that time.’ That’s why we ‘live’ alone. Put together 10 people and let them have the same experience. They will come back with a similar but totally different story. The experience can be the same but the outcome is expressed diversely as each of them have their own unique previous experiences and a different background. They live their lives at the intensity of their own previous experiences. We all have a pain body which come from a previous trauma. We ‘stock’ these feelings and emotions inside us and we forget about them until we have a similar experience or we face one of the factors that created the traumatic experience in the first place. And when we meet that sort of trigger, we relive the same experience, our body is realising the same chemicals as it did when we experienced the first time the traumatic episode. When we relieve a traumatic episode we go in fight or flight or maybe freeze mode. When trauma is accepted, understood and healed, the trigger will no longer affect us. Then we can move forward passively. An inspirational book who helped me in open my perspective over some childhood trauma is The body remembers by Babette Rothschild. That’s a really good book if you’re working with yourself and try to overcome the blockages that keep you away from finding courage to start doing new things. Or, maybe you want to stop overreacting to what others can find as normal situations, but these can have a tremendous emotional charge for yourself.
Going back to living alone. Stop trying to understand this with a polluted mind. Try to see the large picture and don’t focus on details. You have to have an open mind, unveiled by the reality we choose to fabricate in order to live an easier life. You live your own experiences with the knowledge of the mind and soul available to you at that given time. You are the one who simplify that experience and have a conclusion which will serve you sooner or later or maybe never. Obviously we can have a similar conclusion if we come from the same culture, had the same teacher, similar backgrounds. But this will serve us in different ways.
We have to learn our own lessons in order to evolve on the spiritual path that has been given to us. You maybe have a different opinion and I would be glad if you chose to share it with me. That’s why ‘we live alone’. I learn from my experiences and share them with you and you can do the same, and if you choose to share, we maybe help each other or someone else. We are not living alone in the physical plane, it’s about our inner world, or our own spiritual path.
I’ll go a little farther in this subject, and want to dive deeper in what spiritual path means. Most of us deny this. It’s scary to face our inner demons. We are scared of what we can find behind the reality we’ve struggled to create. Our lives, our jobs or people we have a relation with. We are afraid of not being rejected by our friends, team workers and so on. But there is the point where we really start to be alone.
When you start growing, and experience the awakening, you’ll start seeing things that only you can see. The awakening process is a long, tricky and everybody who choose to live it, it will live it by having their own visions, synchronicities and outcomes. And yes, you may be rejected. But think at Neo, in Matrix- I know that is just a SF film for some.- when he is asked to choose between red and blue pill, between remaining in the same reality he came from, or to go much deeper to the Source. He chooses to go to the Source, giving up to the material world, the outer reality he created for himself.
Another good teaching is detachment. That happens when someone goes through the awakening process. Neo gives up everything, starting to live a new life, this life not being compatible with what he had before. There is the point where he starts to live alone. And not just him. All the characters in the film are living their own prophecy which starts to come true once Neo comes in the picture. This is happening in the real life also. Some of us will start our awakening after we met someone, or something happened to us.20170924_132036

When the awakening process occurs, we start seeing things that are meant to be seen just by us. We start to change our body structure by changing our vibrations, our body will start produce neuronal connections and chemicals that before haven’t been released, will start to see synchronicity everywhere, synchronicities that couldn’t been noticed before the awakening. We’ll start healing ourselves, coming back to the pure state of mind we have been born with.That happens as we are now living in a more mindfulness state. We open something, some of us would call this the third eye opening. We start seeing things differently. And it’s painful to go through all of these changes alone. It’s painful to have no one to share with. It’s heart breaking to refrain ourselves from sharing this with the most loved ones. Here is where you realise you are alone. You have to be, in order to become your true self. It’s the hermit stage necessary for allowing all these transformation to happen. It’s one of the stages that have to be experienced in order to achieve enlightenment. I do not suggest you to do so, I’m just telling you what may happen. And if you go through this, it’s important to know it’s a normal stage and it’s nothing wrong with you. You are not the only one having an awakening process or a Kundalini raising experience, there are so many people experiencing this, but you have your own path, and here is where you are alone. If you understand what I say here, I want to wish you to have faith. I want to tell you it will be hard but harder it gets, easier it will be for you to stop experiencing spiritual pain, you will understand everything is sustaining you on your path and the things that once you believed were staying in your way, are helping to recentre you on your true soul path. Your enemies will become now your best teachers. You will not feel the pain anymore. I want to tell you, that you will ‘loose’ people and friends, you will loose your old self. And this is scary. But what you will gain, it’s much more valuable than what you have to leave behind. It’s not Matrix, you can choose to go back to the reality you’ve been used with. But you will never feel the same. You can’t see now the 3d reality in the same way you did. And if you choose to go back, can you live with giving up the opportunity of living the experience of your life? Wish you a lot of success on your path, wish you strength to keep on going, wish you to reach the ultimate state of being. Wish you to be the person you meant to be!

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