Leven, Fife

Your vibe attracts your tribe

If is something wrong with your tribe, you may need to change your vibe.

If you’re one of those people that think everything is acting against them, I recommend to skip reading this. Definitely this won’t be useful. If you’re looking to find your true self, would be lovely to have you on board. If you already found your true self, you could give a hand here. 🙂

Easy saying, hard going. As any other behaviour, we need to ‘exercise’ in order to manifest ‘being’ in a high vibrational state whenever we desire. May seem hard, but once we learn it, it will become a routine. It’s just like walking. We didn’t stop after we had our first fall. We kept on trying. We had to. Was a survival thing. We were little ‘humanoids’ and for being part of the group, we had to act like them.

What I’m trying to say here, it’s not a survival thing. We all can survive by living in the Matrix, like most of the people do. It’s about the quality of being, not just existing.

face-1574178_640Back to our vibes… We can’t deny the fact that our bodies emit vibes with certain frequencies. If you’re sceptical, it’s nothing wrong with this. We all are more or less, but I would like you to accept the challenge and answer to yourself the next question: how do you explain ‘the butterfly feeling’ or being in love? If your answer is pointing to the rational reasoning by saying there are sort of chemicals and hormones involved, like oxytocin, maybe some adrenaline coming from our very basic survival instincts, I’m totally agree with that. If that’s the only answer you have, then, why you don’t have that feeling towards the postman, your colleague or anybody else?  Why sometimes you feel repulsion or acceptance towards a person? For the most sceptical people, I invite you to do the light experiment. Imagine you’re in a dark room and someone switch on the lights. And now the room is brighter. Have you actually seen the electric circuit?  If not, then means the electricity must be a sort of trick or something? Just because it’s easier to accept, that doesn’t mean we have to exclude other possibilities. Keeping an open mind can give us tremendous rewards.

colorful-2556353_640‘’Be the change you want to see in the world’’- Mahatma Gandhi.

Once you start practicing unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, you’ll raise your vibe. And as a consequence, your tribe will start diminishing. Some will may say that you’ve been ‘corrupted’ by a sect, or you’re going crazy and you should seek for help. If someone from your tribe says that to you, accept it. This is their level of understanding. We cannot make the changes for others. They have to be willing to do this.  On the other side, you may find support from your tribe. Some will admit they are afraid to seek the truth, but they will encourage you to look for yours. They are the ones who resonate with you, offering all their support in your journey. They will stay close to you, watching your steps, trying to understand you. The ones you leave behind, you’ll see, as time goes by, they won’t change, not for better, anyway . You may feel sorry for not helping them, but by staying in the same boat, you risk to sink with them.

When your tribe diminishes, you’ll find yourself more energised, as you won’t have to give as much energy to support your tribe needs. You can use your stamina in other, more constructive, activities.

When you  start practicing love and compassion, you’ll find people that are mirroring these concepts and that’s the time when you start building a new tribe. They will serve you and you will serve them in the ascension process.

Start raising your vibe by practicing unconditional love. Spread love wherever you go, smile to a stranger, give a hug to someone in pain. These small actions are life changing. Just try it. It may be for you or not. See what feelings arouse within yourself.

Keep an open heart

With love, Ruxandra