Leven, Fife

In my previous article I wrote about how we tend to surround ourselves by people with similar vibes. And if we have a low vibrational energy, we attract same sort of people.  For some may be obvious, but for others the vibrational concept may not be so familiar. Just to clarify what I try to say by vibrational energy or vibe, I’ll give you 2 examples.

*When we meet someone who is positive, inspires us, doesn’t moan about little things, knows how to listen and to give a friendly hug, we say the person has or gives us a good vibe. We feel safe, we forget for a while about our problems, we don’t feel how quick time ‘flies’.

light-bulb-503881_640*On the other hand, we have those people who talk without allowing us to interact, don’t know how to listen, they frequently moan and their life is always a drama. After minutes of listening to them we feel exhausted and we feel like running away. They have a low vibe and somehow they make us feel very low. I call them energetic vampires. They drain all our energy. I’m sure all of us have a friend, a relative or at least an acquaintance who makes us feel like that. So, for those who ask themselves next question: ‘what have I done wrong to deserve being treated so disrespectful or to have such people around me?’, you can find one of the answers in my previous article, Your vibe attracts your tribe. If is something wrong with your tribe, you may need to change your vibe.

But that’s not all.

If you consider yourself being a good person, loved by people and you are easily accepted by a tribe or maybe you’ve been already told that you have a good vibe, you probably have a good vibe. And as moths are attracted by light, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by energetic vampires. monster-773309_640

They will be easily recognisable, they are the ones who want to be around you, hanging or clinging. They will absorb your energy and all the moves you make, will try to copy you in order to be appreciated, included or simply to be in the light. When encounter this sort of people, you can easily avoid them by saying you have something to do or…can be not so easy sometimes. You can have a mother, a father, a boy/girlfriend or a spouse who drain your energy in the first minutes they start talking. You can choose to take distance or to train yourself to take your power back. There are multiple ways in doing this.

First you’ll have to accept the fact that people don’t change if you want them to do so. They’ll change if they realise they have a problem. Most of them don’t realise that as they are dormant. Others realise that but won’t change as is very convenient to be ‘a victim’. Being a victim has a good side. The victims have all attention when they want to and they don’t have to work too hard for that. A victim in a team will be avoided when tasks are assigned, as it’s easier to delegate someone else rather than to see a bitter face, or to get a SF explanation, or to hear his/her moaning. These people are often avoided.

After you accepted that, you can try to copy them. I’ve tried it and that worked for me. But you must be aware. After a long period of time living in the same place with these people, we tend to ‘borrow’ some of their behaviours. When you engage to discourage a victim, make sure you remember you are not the same as s/he. It’s just a role. So when this low vibrational relative is starting to moan about how tough his/her life is, stop them and start moaning about you life, even if you are not a moaner type. After few attempts, you’ll see they will stop. Could be the mirroring effect, which makes them feel embarrassed of their own behaviour, or simply they give up, knowing how unpleasant is for them to listen to others grumblings.

There are more methods of stopping the energetic vampires, mantras or prayers for protection, working with angels, sage smudging or using crystals. But that’s a total different story and I may come back to this. Until then, wish you all to keep your vibe up!

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