Leven, Fife

Today came to my mind a story I’ve read many years ago. This made me understand better how lack of self-worth can push people towards achieving higher goals. And how deceiving these goals become after they materialize.

Not in a narcissistic way, I’ll be using in this article the word ‘self’ for many times as I want to underline the importance of ourselves in our vision. Mea culpa in this case but I couldn’t find a synonym to match better in the context.

When we lack confidence, self-worth and self-respect, we set goals and clasp to them in order to prove ourselves to our community.

I’m not at all against transcending, as this leads to a better self-understanding. By doing this, we feel more self-reliant, more confident and closer to become our masterpiece. But trying to be better just to prove ourselves to others, expecting to be validated by our tribe will lead to deception.

We all need motivation to wake up in the morning. But motivation has a subtle limit, which over crossed, can lead to destruction of self or others. Don’t get me? Just open your TV and see how many powerful people would step over dead bodies to achieve their goals. Stiffness in thinking and grasping ideals destroyed many nations before.

Being thirsty and taking a shower, won’t take the thirst away. Self-value comes within.


No matter how many jewelleries a woman wears, that doesn’t make her more precious than she is. A diamond will never replace the sparkle in someone’s eyes. Each of us met once in our lives someone who wasn’t astonishing. But the way that person spoke, the way s/he made us feel deep inside, made him/her the most beautiful creature we’ve ever seen. The beauty within cannot be covered by anything as the unpleasantness cannot be enhanced by any artificial make-up.


Some of us try to be perfect in order to be more appreciated, ending by being disappointed of the result. That comes from the unfulfilled expectations we have from others. People around us, no matter what their IQ is, have their inner intelligence, the emotions detector and they can feel if what we emanate is real or not. You can try as much as you can to be that persona who is loved by anyone, but all this masquerade ends up by others seeing you as a Joker.

Craving to achieve more and more material things won’t stop the hunger of our soul. Living in a palace won’t make you feel less lonely or worthier. Soul has different needs and when we understand how to nourish it, all material things will seem meaningless.

It’s good to push ourselves to the limits as that’s a helpful method in discovering who we are. It’s good to have material comfort as this can help us expanding our vision over the Universe.


It’s good to travel the world, but the best journey is the one which goes deep in our core.

Driving from A to be B in a fancy car or with first class can take us just from A to B. Driving to our core will show us endlessly destinations.

I work in a place of death and one of the lessons I’ve learned is that each of us goes sooner or later in the same direction. Some of us will cling on to life with all our powers and hope for a last chance. Some will give up peacefully embracing what’s to come. But in the end it’s all about how we lived and not what we achieved. We don’t take anything with us when our spirit leaves the body. But we can always leave behind a good memory of ourselves. The words we said, the things we did, the smile and hugs we gave when someone needed it.

Wish you all to have a smooth journey

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