Leven, Fife



I won’t be speaking here about how to get intimate with yourself, I’m sure you don’t need any advice for that. Even though that would be a good topic.


I want to encourage you to start loving your body, your spirit and your mind. Self love is not the same with selfishness, so don’t blame yourself if you start giving more to you and less to the others. If you fill in your cup, will be plenty for the others. Just want to remind you that you are important too. Sometimes we put ourselves away to help others and we end up exhausted. Not being able to help even ourselves in the end. And who would benefit from this? Save some energy for yourself also. Your partner or your children won’t blame you if you smile, if you’re happy. They will be pleased to be around you. They will fill themselves with your energy.

5 steps in loving yourself without feeling guilty

1. Don’t make other problems yours.shocked-2681488_1920.jpg

There are so many people out there needing guidance, but could you really help them all? Judge it for yourself. Look in your life and find an example. Now go on google and see how many people struggle with the same problem. And start to help them all. Everyone is responsible to deal with the mess they created. Is their lesson. You can help by being an example. Who wants to learn, will learn.

2. Say ‘NO’ more often.say-no-3218695_1920.png

If you already love yourself, you’ll notice that it comes easy to refuse. And that’ s not because you’re selfish. Is because you know how to prioritize your life, making yourself being priority number one. You don’t have to please others to be validated. Because you know already who you are. And the ones who will be able to see you in your dept, will stick around, without you doing nothing but being yourself.

3. Forgive yourself for eating that piece of cake.cookies-1803882_1920.jpg

If you could forgive your sweetheart sharing his/ her love with other females/ males, how would a piece of cake could make you feel so remorseful? If you can forgive your child for trying to be Picasso on your lounge wallpaper, why could you not forgive yourself for not being perfect. In the end, not even God is perfect. We are all here to learn.

4. Give yourself the best.girl-2353513.jpg

Wear that expensive perfume, at work, on a night out. No matter where you are, your perfume is your signature. Drink some good wine. Don’t keep it there just for your guests. Are your guests more important than you? Wear that nice dress. Don’t wait for a special occasion, because it may get out of trend. Pamper yourself. You deserve it. You worked hard to be who you are.

5. Don’t settle for less.umbrella-2603957_1920

Could be about your job, love life, or friendship. If it smells fusty or is just half of what you deserve, move on. And keep on moving until you find what makes you happy. Accepting less than you deserve will make you feel less in your own mind. If you can find something better out there, why would you not go for it? You are worthy. We all are. Less means comfort and from comfort no one got too far.


If you have been given all your efforts to others until now, they will say ‘you did change’. They will try to make you feel guilty for loving yourself more. But what this does say about them? About the ones who took everything from you because you allowed them to do so? Are them any better? Loving yourself is an important step in loving genuinely others.

Love yourself until you orgasm. And when you finish, do it again.