Leven, Fife

-my 6 reasons for (not ) going veggie- 

‘That’s not good for you.’ – they say. But no one comes with scientific explanations, just with science fiction ones.  If you stand out of the  crowd with something, no matter if it’s about sexual orientation, an exclusivist style, or just doing your things your own way, there will be always someone to come to tell you that’s not right. Because people like their comfy box. Where they can see just white and black, because that are the only ‘colours’ available for them. Well, I like black and white as well, but those are not colours. My world is full of pink. And unicorns. So, I don’t eat meat. My choice. You can eat whatever you want, and I will never tell you that’s no right. You can love a woman or a man, or both in the same time, and I won’t come to tell you that’s not moral. Who am I to judge? I’m not either virgin Mary, nor Buddha. Neither you. My box is a little bigger and there’s just one rule. To be kind to myself and others. LOVE YOURSELF UNTIL YOU ORGASM

Every vegetarian/ vegan will have their set of beliefs, but here are mine:

  1. I like to be the only elephant in the room. That’s not true. I have already a strong personality, without needing to be ‘awkward’ just to stand out of the crowd. I’ve been last week for a barbeque and I brought my own food. No hassle for anyone. I may have been seen as awkward, but that’s their problem. I’ve got better things to do than to explain myself to everybody.

2.‘That’s why you’re a skinny b*tch. ‘

Totally wrong. Proteins, the main component of meat have just @4 calories/gram. So, giving up eating meat, won’t make anyone to lose weight. Contrary, the well known protein based diet, Dukan, helped many people to get rid of extra pounds.




The only difference between when I used to eat meat and now is of 10 celsius degrees.


Alcohol, instead, contains 7 calories per gram and I do really like my prosecco. 😊 FB_IMG_1527713044338.jpg


3. I love life. And through that, I mean all forms of life. Including the one of animals. Someone told me a nice story about this guru. Who tried to explain his choice of not eating meat. Conversation between guru and his disciple:

-Are you a good Christian, it’s that true?

-Yes, said the disciple!

-So, you know what the 10 commandments are?

-Of course, I do! Said the follower, a little surprised.

-Then you must know the 6th one: You shall not murder.

After a while of thinking, disciple answered:

-But it’s about not killing people!

-Where does it say that? It’ s not stated anywhere in the bible or in any religious cult that murder is just a criminal act against the people. And that’s because the holy books don’t assume that only people are worthy to be alive.

Just because animals don’t have a voice to stand up for themselves, that doesn’t mean they have to be slaughtered. In other countries, they will eat dogs, in other cultures cows are considered to be sacred animals. What makes it different? Cows can be as affectionate as dogs are.

bicycle wheel

Photo by Gábor Kárpáti 

4. I do believe in karma. And karma is not that bitch who comes to get you if you do something wrong. Karma is that force that keeps all the energy balanced. All our thoughts or actions are energy. What we put out there, will return to us. What goes around comes around how some would like to say, or the law of atraction for others. That’s still karma. I don’t say that people who eat meat will become a burger, but some of them may be ‘eaten’ by cancer. Alongside chemotherapy, specialists recommend a meat free diet. As meat helps cancer cells to grow and spread at a faster rate.



5. ‘But people always did, and they will always eat meat.’ That’s true. Our ancestors were going out hunting ‘dinosaurs’ to impress their females and to keep the family ‘alive’. Don’t think there are any records of ‘Flintstonians’ being vegetarians, but neither records they weren’t.

hamburger-1281855_1280.jpg6. I am conscious. What you see just as a burger, I see it as a dead cow. Just because you don’t see the full process, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I’m not here to discuss about your culinary choices or to judge, as I have been a meat eater also, and a burger was just a burger at that time. But meanwhile, I’ve changed. A free meat diet, or a reduced meat diet, will discourage the meat production. And so, less animals will be slaughtered.  I’ve seen horrible pictures on social media, but I choose not to post them, as my last intention would be to make you feel distasteful. Here are some celebrities who share the same belief- compassion- Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus, Woody Harrelson, Moby, Sia, Stevie Wonder, Pamela Anderson and more others.

 We are all different and it’s a human side to respect the other one’s choices. If you don’t agree with something, that doesn’t mean you are on the right side and the other one is on the wrong one. We may have different beliefs, but this is how we expand our consciousness. May others be an example or a counterexample, we have something to learn from them. And that’s self-growth, stepping out of that comfy box.