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What holds you back from being where you should be?

I used to, and I still do procrastinate sometimes. Observing myself and others, I found 2 main reasons for not taking the necessary steps towards achieving goals.

Here are the two reasons I have identified:

1.Not setting any goals. We tend to be motivated by frustration, lack, pressure or by others. So many people were bullied in childhood and they have made some sort of promise to themselves, that one day, they will prove are worthy of appreciation. Some had a more unfortunate childhood where experienced abuse. Some of them are a living proof of how frustration or abuse, altered their personalities in a positive way. If you want to know more about, search on YouTube, the traumas lived by Madonna, Sia, Oprah and so on. If they have been through such a drama, I look into my life and I find myself being pathetic, by having a pity party for one, for so peculiar reasons.

20180420_123354.jpgI became grateful for what each every day brings, happy to see the Sun in the morning. My goal is to be better every day, and every day I am better than the day before.




I don’t waste time watching the news, there will always be corruption, violence and wars. So, nothing new, I don’t even know why they call them news. I don’t have a TV, but I wouldn’t find the time for that. I am pathetic for some, but those who find me pathetic will always enjoy having a chat with me. I am too busy learning or working on my website. Writing is a good therapy and I would strongly recommend it to everybody. I’ve been advised, many years ago by my psychologist to start putting down, on a piece of paper, my thoughts. But at that time, I was too busy crying for myself or…

having vodka shots, in clubs.

Fratelli club- Bucharest                                                        – Fratelli club- Bucharest –

When I write on my blog, it’s not just I bring to you my insights, but I (re) discover new things about myself. This blog is the best gift I could ever offer to myself.


  1. Setting too high goals. fantasy-3281795_1920-1.jpgMiracles don’t happen over night. Taking small steps in remodelling yourself is essential. Small tasks will help you to be more confident within yourself, and will help you to establish a trust-based relation between your old you and the new persona you aspire to become. Small goals will make your brain believe that it is safe to make changes, will show is no threat by making things differently. If you want to go deep in this theory, I recommend you an easy read about the fight between conscious and unconscious and why we do self-sabotage, that’s Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters. The author is a psychiatrist and he explain in easy- fun lecture what others such Freud or Jung tried to prove many years ago. Also, you can find in his book, ways of reprogramming your mind to work with you and not against, in achieving your goals.

Coming back to the high goals, I have to remind you that winning the lottery is not a goal. I totally embrace Napoleon Hill or Dale Carnegie’s ideas. One of them is about how to be successful by bringing something good to the world.

This can be found in the law of attraction also. night-photograph-2183637_1920.jpg

May be about financial or spiritual matters ( as success is not just about money ), Universe will reward each one of us for contributing in a positive way to the world. Every service we give to the humanity, will be rewarded. Start with small steps as everything big requires practice. Every dream requires commitment. The Universe will test your determination, wanting you to have a steadfast perseverance. Some will give up, but those will be the ones who didn’t want it from their core. You see, if you want to be good in what you’re doing, this has to come from your heart.


Before seeing the view from the top, you’ll have to climb the mountain.

You may find on your way up, some danger and some falls, but if you want the view, you’ll have to pay that price. I’ve seen a motivational film on Facebook, where that guy, I can’t remember his name, was saying the same thing I said above, but in a different colour. He was saying to start every morning by making the bed, until this will become a habit. May sound pathetic, but I took for good his advice. And that’s how I learned once more what self-esteem is. Going at night in a tidy room, made me feel much better, pampered. Like going in a holyday, at a 5* hotel with everything spotless. Keeping a tidy environment can maintain your stress levels lower. A simple, tidy home or office, will make you to focus on the most important things. But that’s feng shui and I’m not an expert in that art. Just can share with you what helped me.

I see more and more people, in these days, not being happy. It’s not because they don’t want to, but they have this interior fight with themselves. The fight between their heart and their mind. They wish something, but they don’t find it practical. Because the box they live in, don’t allow them. They are afraid of being judged. They are afraid to fail. They are afraid of not letting down other one’s expectations.

Letting go to our fears will set us free

.facebook_1527808095810.jpg                                                       – paragliding in Tenerife-

I really love those people who perform in the streets. They know they have a talent, and they share their gift with the world, no matter what others would think about them. That’s bravery. Probably their parents would like them to perform on a big stage, and maybe some of their friends would feel embarrassed to admit they know them. What if they would go on a stage and find a tremendous success? Everybody would be proud of knowing them. That’s the box. The street performers give their service to humanity, making people passing by, to smile or to feel the love.

Holding yourself back from your heart desires will make you feel incomplete. From incompleteness some will never recover. Because…Big boys don’t cry