Leven, Fife

We like to think we are different. Various shapes, colours, but what is it that really makes us different? The uniqueness in your appearance is easy to be replaced. The words you speak have been already said. The wisdom you possess doesn’t belong to you. That’s universal consciousness. And we are all contributing to that. Well done to you if you managed to tap into that wisdom.

What makes you truly unique is the way you combine all the information achieved, the way you transform the simple reality by using your imagination and creative power.

It may sound a cliché, but I’ll start by telling you who you’re not

FB_IMG_1529095714581.jpgYou’re not your diplomas. You may be able to make a nice wallpaper from all your certificates, but there are many who could do the same. The way you apply what you learned, in day by day life, defines you.

You’re not your partner or your friends. You may have well known acquaintances and you could be proud of that. But that’s not you. Highlighting your friends’ achievements won’t make you live a successful life. The way to success lies in your own hands. It’s good to be part of a successful tribe as this teaches you some steps to material realisation.

FB_IMG_1529071016467.jpgYou’re not your job either. You’re not just a sales assistant, a carer or a mechanic. You are a human being carrying some duties. The way you dedicate your energy and love to that job makes you truly unique. If you were to go for a surgery, what doctor would you choose? Any of them? Or the one who had the best results? Success comes from passion and dedication. And this applies in any service we offer.



You’re not your mother or your father. They may have let a significant print on your mind, but you are not here to fulfil their dreams. They may not be the best example, but even a counter example is a lesson of what not to do. The way you apply that teachings makes you unique.

You may be just a drop in the ocean, but there would be no ocean with no drops.

textgram_1529069971.pngYou are unique, and you have your own journey. But you are not just you. You are a mix of what you’ve experienced, the people you have met, the places you’ve seen, the lessons you’ve learnt. A mix of choices you had to make.



You’re strong because you are so vulnerable. Your strength stays in the courage to share this with the entire world. Because in this world… Big boys do cry … and independent women are not ashamed to ask for help when they know they can’t do all by themselves.

Your weakness comes from a hidden desire of being loved. And bigger your iron mask it is, greater is your need for love.

We hide ourselves behind the masks, desks and all technology, thinking no one will find out who we are. Though our deepest desire is to share ourselves with the entire world.

We cover ourselves in makeup, jewellery and expensive watches to make us look more valuable. And that’s so cheap. So obvious.

You’re not a piece of paper. You’re not 4 walls or a 300 HP engine. You’re not just a job you do for living.

You’re far more than that.20180615_221316.jpg You’ve been through too much s**t by now, to be just that. Stop listening to others who try to make you feel small. Stop giving yourself less worth than you really have.  You are a lifetime work, a masterpiece of your experiences. And the most painful ones made you the greatest person you are today. Don’t blame yourself for the wrong choices. There is no light without the dark. You’ve thrown yourself into the fire because you had known, by then, that the one who was to rebirth, will be the amazing person you are today.