Leven, Fife

All you have to do is to…


I won’t tell you that you’re strong, ’cause you may not feel so.

But what I can ask you is…

To remember…

Remember your first day of school. If you’re like me, you may have felt enthusiastic and scared in the same time. Filled with curiosity and fear. Afraid of not being good enough, or judged for being different.

Remember your first breakup. You felt so low and out of breath. The whole world felt like it was falling apart. Your heart so broken.

Remember your first kiss.

That filled you with emotions. Awkwardness, joy, embarrassment, hope, fear. And then the second and third. More you’ve experienced it, less awkward it became.

Remember your first bicycle ride.

You’ ve fell, but that didn’t stop you to want to go into a new adventre. You went back on your bike trying over and over again until you made it. You knew deep down, that the feeling of succeeding was more appealing than having many scars. You knew one fall doesn’t worth stopping you from ridding a bicycle a full summer. You were so practical without even knowing. You always knew somehow that nothing is permanent. Therefore, remember!

Remember that you were meant to go through changes, transformations, which one day would make you who you are in this moment. You knew you have to keep on trying. You knew that what was coming was greater than a fall.

I don’t know what you’ve been through, but all I know, if you’re reading this, is that you made it so far. You have fell, broke into many pieces and then stood up an tried again. You kept on trying until you made it perfect, in your own way.

You’re far more than your thoughts. You’re far more than what you feel just now. You have all the resources within.

Trust your body and be assured that you’re a survivor. All the processes that are happening in your body, will keep you safe and alive. You’re here for the long run.

Allow yourself to fall, to heal and to return. Stronger and wiser than before. And bring out from your darkness, the light which can guide others through their own dark moments.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I would love to hear how this has resonated with you. ❤

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