Leven, Fife

Just to be clear from the beginning, you are exactly where you told yourself a while ago you want to be. You are in the right place, at the right moment, sitting next to the right person, in the right job and being in the right mood.

Before judging my rationale, please read the lines below.

Whether you are in a fulfilling job or not, whether you are in a perfect state of mind or not, what do you say to yourself? You have a reason behind any action you take. Good or bad, that reason serves you. The job you have provides you an income that helps you paying your bills. But why that job and no other? Take few seconds to think. If it wasn’t for money, would you still trade your time for going to that job? Why do you do it on a daily basis? What do you want to achieve?

And there is where your story begins. Your brain will search for an available answer. And many times, the answers we give to ourselves are well crafted but superficial. They serve us by making us to wake up in the morning or night to go to a job that generates an income, that help us to survive. But many times the jobs, the partners and the situations we deal with don’t come from our core.

How many times did we hear things from our parents such as…’you’ll get married one day and you will see’, ‘you’ll have children one day and you will understand’, ‘you’ll see it with your own eyes when you’ll get a job’. We’ve been set up to look for the though part of the things in life.

What we see on TV, magazines and everywhere around us, beauty, health and wealth seem impossible to achieve. And we do try so hard to be perfect.

And then we fall… We end up sitting in a dark corner, seeing no way out to the light.

We eat more when we are on a diet, we cheat or run away when we finally meet someone who really loves us, we self sabotage, procrastinate. Because we feel not worthy, not good enough, not in the same line with the unachievable standards.

One size doesn’t fit us all. We are unique and we are the best we can be.

You are good enough for having a job where you can feel content.

You are good enough for being loved by someone who wants to love you.

You are good enough.

Whoever told you something else, they wished the best for you. But they have told themselves different stories. And in their story you are just a character, playing a different role.

It’s time for you to change the way you tell your story. It’s time to get your power back. Because you’re not the tiny character walking wherever the wind blows. You are the storyteller. Your story starts with what you say, think and do. Your story has a happy ending if that’s what you desire. Just focus on the goal and keep it always in your mind. You can materialize anything, but not with the same mindset that set you up for failure. Will take time to believe you can achieve everything. But take that first step. Understand that you are your own STORYTELLER. And you can always change what no longer serves you. You evolve, you grow stronger and wiser with each experience you have.

If something hurts is not because the Universe is against you. It’s because the Universe gives you a chance to learn, to grow. And we all grow, whether we like it or not. We can’t hang on to our mothers breasts forever. We have to make it our own way through life.

If you were living your dream life, what story would you tell yourself?