Leven, Fife

We’ve been thaught by society that we have to work hard for getting what we want. Very convenient, but for who? Wouldn’t be a shame for people with potential to play small just because no one wants smart asses?

These days we are too busy to dream because tax man won’t wait for dreamers. Some of us get into a cycle that kills us inside out. Getting stuck in jobs where we don’t find too much fulfilment or joy. We would do things differently, but could we afford that?

How would you justify yourself to your friends, family, coworkers? How would they feel if you were having the guts to say you feel you could be more? Would they understand  or would they try to bring you back to Earth? To that Earth where most of people work like mads, burning out for paying their dues? Dedicating 100% to a job that allows us to live and to ‘afford’ a nice holiday where the sun shines brighter and the wine tastes better. Neglecting ourselves, our families and everything that makes us feeling human?

Jusf for a second pause and be honest to yourself. Do you actually love what you’re doing for living?

If the answer is yes, well, my friend, give yourself a big hug cause you are where some of us try to get to. You already found your purpose and you deserve a big clap.

But if the answer is no, continue to read. And to be honest to yourself. It’s just you, your space, your time. No one here to judge. Because we both know, who judges you harder than yourself?

What keeps you stuck?

Is it the fear?

The fear of what?

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you fall? But what if you rise above any expectation you may have about yourself?

What’s on the other end of your fears?


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