Leven, Fife

The true story of the outcasts is that they could fit everywhere, it’s just a matter of choice if they want to stick around or not. So, to be clear, they’re picky.

They value their time, their creativity, they don’t want to fit in others norms.

They rather care about being a Miss fit for themselves than not being a misfit for others.

Why wasting time and energy to please everyone? And how could even be possible to please everyone? It’s not. They’re practical and they own it.

They’re often misunderstood. ‘Normal’ people may have tried to put them back in their place, to show them the ‘good’ way. They’ve been judged for daring to be different, wrong or even offensive.

But they have something that ‘normal’ people crave deep inside. They developed a style, they know who they are, they don’t accept anything that stands bellow their standards. Right or wrong, their standards are incommeasurable. And they represent their values, their guidance through life.

Misfit or Miss fit, who decides what’s right or wrong? Some norms are ridiculous. And we all know it. We all dream about having more freedom of expression. So why judging others for having the guts to be free in expressing themselves as they are?

If you’re a Miss Fit, congrats! I feel you. I know it wasn’t easy, but you’ve done a good job so far. Keep on being who you are and share your light as best as you can.

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