Leven, Fife

How many times you felt drained after having a 2 minutes conversation with someone? And how many times you felt being sick after someone else has been sick?

The truth is that you may be an empath. Empaths have the ability of absorbing other’s energy and to transform it. They’re like a sort of sponge. They often say ‘I feel you’ instead of ‘I know’ or ‘I understand’. They heal others and people are drawn to them. Being an empath and not knowing how dangerous this can be if you don’t know how to take care of yourself can bring illnesses to your body. Pains or other conditions that can’t be explained by any science.

I’ll give you some tips you may want to take on board, as I am an empath and a healer myself.

I’ve started healing myself and others about 3 years ago after I had a spiritual experience, I like to call it Kundalini awakening. People have different names for that. As soon as I’ve started to work with my energy and seing the benefits of self healing, I wanted to help others as well. HUGE mistake. After a healing session, I wasn’t able to use my hand, had no energy left for moving it. And then I’ve decided to see some energy healers, a shaman, an angelic Reiki therapist to understand what was I doing wrong. Because in my head, I had the best inention: ‘helping’ those in need.

As an empath and as a healer you have to ground yourself and to protect. For more tips about that, please pm me.

Being an empath is a curse if you…

  • Don’t understand that people don’t have to be saved. They are where they need to be in the process of their evolution. If they want being helped, wait for them to come when they are ready;
  • Want to save everyone because you feel that’s your duty, your purpose, your gift;
  • Don’t use your power and set healthy boundaries. No one can ‘suck’ your energy if you don’t allow it;
  • Waste your ‘talent’ for recognition;
  • Don’t take care of yourself.

As a coach and a Reiki master and through my experience in healing and supporting people, I can tell you that there is some self work to do before going out there, wanting to sort out others issues.

If you see people as being broken and needing your help, you may want to read further.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you see people being powerless and needing help even if they don’t ask for it?
  2. Do you feel an urge to help them, to save them from their misery?
  3. Do you feel you have the power to help everyone?
  4. Do people come to you everytime they have a problem?
  5. Do you feel tired after you’ve listened to their problems?

If your answer is yes to all those questions, you are a wounded healer who tries to rescue him/ herself by rescuing others. Press the link b6elow to understand more about drama triangle and why you need to break the chain.

Healing is a process of love, coming from compassion and kindness. We all can heal ourselves but sometimes we don’t have the resources or even if sounds contradictory, we enjoy being ‘wounded’ as this can bring us some benefits.

If you really want to help others, you need to help yourself first.

📌 Find a way to stop seeing yourself as a saviour and start seeing others as whole and resourceful.

📌 Work on yourself and practice as much as you can kindness and compassion, start by loving and accepting who you are first and then love others for what they can be. We all try our best.

📌 Become ‘a tool’ of empowerment. Don’t give advices as this is disempowering, people will feel weak, needy and disabled, thinking they are not capable to go through life without your support.

📌 Don’t give too much encouragement as people may not be ready for taking that step.

📌 Detach from the outcome. Be there for them, but give up the expectation of the end result.

📌 Remind yourself you are powerful and no one can take what’s yours.

📌 Be faithful and resilient by understanding that everything is in the right place. Even you, reading this.