Leven, Fife

If I was to write this in 16th century, I would have been probably haunted down. Remembering my childhood dreams I probably was. 😱

There is no witchcraft but neither science can explain the experiences some people have. Awakening and experiencing some facts that seem S.F. for ‘normal’ people are more than real. See those weirdos who meditate under the moon light? Well, I’m one of them. I meditate, heal, transform myself and others who are seeking that. I must have Russian origins as they have more healers than doctors according to an article I’ve read. Before getting too intimate, I would like to share some facts about Kundalini awakening, Merkabah, transcendence or however you wish to call it.

Before thinking you’re losing the plot, explore your feelings. At one point in this life you may get the chance of awakening. It usually happens after an intense emotional or physical pain/ illness. The symptoms are similar with going insane, doubting everything, feeling ups and downs more intense, sudden mood changes and a lot of confusion. The list can endlessly continue, but these are the main signs. If you’re in this stage of your life, you may want to seek help from both professionals and spiritual guides. You may be losing the plot, but what if you’re not?

I see awakening as a process that allows us to free ourselves from who we were, who we would be expected to be and to explore life as it is. It’s a long journey with a painful start and a never ending… end.

After I experienced my Kundalini awakening, I’ve been adviced by a Buddhist monk to stop my practice ( meditation, healing and so on ) as I would lose everything I had, my family, my job, my partner. A bit contradictory I would say, coming from someone who aspires to enlightenment or has already achieved it. Tell me not to do something and watch me doing it.

And here I am, I’ve lost them all, only to have more of what I wanted (needed). You can’t have more or better if you’re not willing to give up to something, whether is love, wealth or health. You can’t be healthy if you feel unworthy. You can’t have love if you are not loving yourself, becoming love yourself. You can’t be wealthy if you’re thoughts are poor. You ‘ll lose people as well as you’ll lose yourself. But only for making room for who is meant to join you in a greater journey. You’ll never be or feel alone after you taste the forbidden fruit.

Once you accept and embrace the gift of getting out of the matrix, the programmes you’ve been taught, you will experience true freedom, understanding, healing and love, at a level you wouldn’t think it was possible.

The colours will change, the sun will shine brighter. But before that…you’ll have to explore your darkest side. There is no life without contrast. There is no balance without tasting both lows and highs.

If you feel is more out there or you meant to live a life with purpose, start looking for yourself. Have faith that what you want will always come. It may not be when you want it, but it will be when you’re ready. Know that you’re in the right place for you to grow. No experience is random. You’re here to grow, to expand, to be your highest self. How do you get there? Deliberate choices, willingness, keeping your mind open, failing and…pain. Pain is the greatest catalyst I’ve ever seen.

There’s always light after dark.

Safe journey, wherever this may take you!

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