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I see it often around me and in my coaching practice. Amazing people doubting their own abilities, avoiding to acknowledge their merits because of the fear of rejection or just because they don’t feel they’re worthy enough.

There is nothing sexier than someone who knows who he/ she is and shows confidence in even the most mundane tasks. Their confidence is a part of who they are. They don’t act like being confident. They are confidence itself.
Each and every one of us can be that person.

Please allow me to share with you some traits that confident people have in common.

  1. They are practical
    Everyone has insecurities, even the strongest and most successful people, but they know they aren’t victims of their society, religion, family or partners. They take their time in healing their wounds and they move forward. They know there is no other way. They want the best for themselves and wasting time on blaming others won’t bring them closer to where they want to be.
  2. They are realistic
    They know that what happened can’t be undone so they move forward, understanding the lesson and moving to their next experience which can help them to be closer to their purpose.
  3. They are resilient
    Because they understand they can’t always control the outcome they just accept the things as they are. If they can change things, they will, if there is nothing that can be done, they are resilient, knowing that they’ve done their best.
  4. They are responsible
    They know they always have a choice and they also know that every action has a result. They admit their mistakes and apologies if that is required. They don’t apologise for who they are, because they know they did a mistake and they are not the mistake itself.
  5. They have faith
    Whether they believe in God, Allah, Krishna or worship the moon or the earth they acknowledge that there is a greater force that keeps everything in balance.
  6. They know they are safe
    This comes from a strong belief in something greater than themselves and from knowing their own capabilities to cope. And that’s because they’ve been through a lot and they know they can manage. They are self-reliant and aren’t ashamed to ask for a helpful hand when they need it.
  7. They take time for healing and self-love
    They are self-aware and they know they aren’t perfect. They know they have a dark, stained side that pulls them back or prevents them from being who they want to be. They know that is an unnecessary baggage and they spend time to heal and to accept every part that makes them unique. Self-love is an important part of their journey.
  8. They value their time
    They know they can’t please everyone so they’ve already stopped doing it. Their circle of friends is small and they prefer to be surrounded by likeminded people. They prefer quality over quantity. They know the only way of being truly accepted is to be themselves, they also know how exhausting it is to be somebody else for every person they encounter. Even if this may sound awful, but think about it and be realistic. Do you have the time and energy to socialise daily with all your ‘friends’ on Facebook?

👌If you find yourself in some of these traits, I want you to ask yourself if you are satisfied with where you are in your life. And if you’re not, what are you waiting for?
If you found yourself having all these traits, hope you are damn proud of yourself.💪

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