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8 traits confident people have in common

You’ve probably been in someone’s presence who emanates confidence through all their pores. Or maybe you felt intimidated by them. What makes them being like that? What are we missing here?
As I said in my last post, their confidence is part of who they are.They don’t act like being confident, they are CONFIDENCE itself.

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In my last post, I wrote about what traits confident people share in common. Today, I want make sure I didn’t miss a thing. Click the link HERE to go to the first part of this article.

Let’s see what confident people do, who they are and how you can become that person.

  1. They are honest and bold
    Everyone one likes their honesty until they have a taste of it. They know the only way they can make a difference is to say things how they are. They have an opinion and aren’t afraid to speak. They know that telling others what they want to hear is not helping anyone. They know they are responsible for what they say, but not for what others understand. Therefore, they are not afraid of losing people’s approval. They know who they are. They are often seen as conceited, but they know it’s a waste of time to make everyone liking them.
    You’ll always be too much, too opinionated or never be enough for someone. How would you be the perfect fit for everyone? If you want to be surrounded by likeminded, genuine people, you’ll have to be one of them yourself.
  2. They have fears and doubts
    Even if they are self-reliant and have a strong faith, they also doubt themselves sometimes. Doubt is only human, but because they thrive to make a change, they always find ways to overcome their fears. They know that what’s in store for them is greater than staying caught in fears and doubts.
    Fear is good if you can control it, but can be toxic when it takes control over you. How many times have you quit doing something, engaging in o conversation or staying in a job that didn’t offer you satisfaction just because you were afraid of failing or being judged?
  3. They are committed to grow
    They invest their time wisely and don’t get frustrated if they miss a social event. They simply know that best things in life come with sacrifice and they are happy to put in the effort.
  4. They enjoy their own company
    Because they are self-reliant, they know that the best relationship they need to nourish is the one with themselves. They like spending time with themselves, getting to know who they are and don’t make a tantrum if they’re not getting invited to a party. They are not afraid of losing friends because they know whoever is going to be there for the best and for worst, will stay anyway. They know they don’t need to force people to like them or to agree with them and they are willing to take this risk.
  5. They don’t compare themselves to others
    They accept that other people are better at some things than they are and they know potatoes aren’t bananas. They find the thing that makes them stand out of the crowd and they better themselves at doing that. They save time by joining others who are better in other fields and work together.
  6. They help others
    They remember their journey with all the ups and downs and they are willing to help. They won’t waste their time with helping people who aren’t willing to help themselves. But they won’t disconsider them either.
  7. They are intuitive
    They trust their gut feeling because every time they went against it, they felt the consequences. They are aware of energies around them and they know when is the appropriate time to take action.
  8. They take action
    Even if they know there are chances to fail, they also know that not taking action is a failure anyway. They rather take 1% chance than not taking any chances at all. Less is better than nothing.
    Take action now, with the resources you have and you can always improve.
    Every start looks scary and easily can put you off, but delaying in taking action, will bring you to feel the way you don’t like to feel. Remember that, when you were toddler, you failed in walking, but consistency brought you not just to walk, but allowed you to go wherever you wanted to go, seeing places and people you wanted to see. That gave you freedom of moving. You didn’t stop after you first fall, you continued to walk because deep down, you knew this falls worth keep on trying. And you were just a child. Imagine how many great things you can do as an adult. Allow yourself to dream and dream as big as you can.
How many of these traits have you got? What could you do in this moment to feel more confident?
How would you feel if you were more confident in your actions?

Just dream! It won’t cost you a penny.

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