Leven, Fife

I find that spirituality is growing into a sort of a trend these days.
More people want to be more spiritually awaken, finding cool this concept. A concept that is not entirely understood.
Growing as a spiritual being is not growing a different ego structure. It’s not only about the ability of manifesting all your desires.

The magic that some may think it comes with this awakening is messy and contrasting.
You’re covered in scars and wounds that need to be healed.
Subconscious work is hard work. Exhausting.
The only reward you get is freedom. Freedom of suffering.
Catholics would call that heaven.
Buddhists would call it nirvana.

Are you still wanting to get there?

• Stop looking outside for something to blame. Society, people, culture. They are and they will always be there. Blaming is placing you in the role of victim. Do you want to be a victim of your circumstances? Or do you want to step into your power and become the creator of your reality?

• Accept your imperfections.

• Know what you do and why you do it. Use wisely the process of thinking.

• Be kind when no one’s looking. Become kindness.

• Live in the present moment and if you’re not happy, make a change.

• Free yourself from the past.

• Heal your wounds.

• Question everything you do.

• Don’t judge. We judge the world as we see it, not as it is.

• Be grateful. Be happy with what you have and you will get more.

• Have faith. Believe in something that you can’t see but you can feel.

• Trust yourself. You have something inside you, an inner guide that knows exactly what to do.

• Say yes. Be open to new experiences. Every experience brings you closer to another undiscovered part of yourself.

• Say no. Say no to everything that doesn’t resonate with your values. To those people who tell you that you can’t be in a way or another. May them be your family or friends. Always review your values. Some of them may change and may keep you stuck in your old self.

• Love. Love anyone for what they are. Become love.

• Move. Don’t stay when you think it became too comfortable.

• Be present. Be aware of your actions and accept the results. Mistake is part of learning. All you think, do become your future. There is no future without this present moment.

• Meditate. Just stay and quiet your mind. That’s coming closer to God. God has no place in your heart if your mind is filled with thoughts.

• Spend time alone. You need to be connected to who you are. To know yourself and to find those constructs that are not even yours. But belonging to your society, culture, family and your environment.

• Get naked. Take all your covers off and see what’s underneath. There is where the diamond is. Covered in constructs and fears.

• Get ready. One day, you’ll get your call and you may want to pick up the ‘phone’. If you decide to answer the call, your life will change in something that you’ve never imagined. You’ll wake up from a dream that some like to call it life.