Leven, Fife

Today’s post/ press here for video comes as a reminder for you, to take care of yourself while taking care of others.

I feel like an impostor to talk about self-care, because, as a nurse, before I went on nightshift I couldn’t manage my time to have a proper meal or to go to toilet. That was in my first year of being a nurse though, things have changed since.

So, because you are a health worker, I assume, (I shouldn’t be doing that), you had your minimal trainings in moving and handling or basic life support or first aid. What do they all have in common? What’s the first rule before starting CPR? To ensure is safe to do so. Why? Because 1 victim is always better than 2.
In practice, in a busy day, when nothing seems to work and you may have emergency after emergency, it”s easy to skip a meal or to forget to go to the toilet.

I remember, back in 2015 when I was in charge of a care home with 52 beds, that there were days when I was going to the toilet for the first time before finishing my shift. It’s easy to forget when you are busy, isn’t it?

I know we are facing difficult times and you may be facing really challenging situations, but, how useful can you be if you are feeling sick, tired or hungry? How much does it help you in the long run?
You matter too, you are important.

I won’t be talking about nutrition here, but here are some tips you may use. They may sound silly, but trust me, they work:

Use something to remind you about taking care of yourself.

Put a sticker on the MCharts, on the desktop, a sign on your hand, an elastic band on your wrist. Write there ‘drink, pee, you ‘re important’ or what you believe it will help. Doing this, you create a habit of taking care of yourself.
Remember, 1 victim is always better than 2.

And that you can’t fill anyone’s cup by having your cup empty.

I know is not the best practice to wear a wrist watch, but if you do have a tracker, or a smart watch, set a reminder hourly to drink, eat ad check in with yourself.

You’re there to help, to serve, but who’s helping you if not yourself?

Now, I want you to remember your last holiday. How much you’ve recharged after you had few relaxing days at your home or somewhere in the nature. Can you remember how good you were at your job afterwards? How easy you could sort out things?

You need a break. You need to detach. You need to remind yourself how important you are, especially in these times of crises. In these times when people are more overwhelmed with emotions of fear, of uncertainty. You are important. Use your imagination and create reminders at work, at home, in your car. Soon it will become a habit. Like putting your seat belt before start driving. Start now. Create those healthy habits for yourself so many more people can benefit from your best performance at work.

Please share this with your co-workers. Remind them to take care of themselves. We need to take care one of another as best as we can.

Before saying goodbye, keep in mind that this too shall pass.
Stay safe!