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In my last post I spoke about values, beliefs and our drivers. About those things that wake us up in the morning. And the danger they come with. The way they can stop us to be absolutely free.

If you are on a journey of self-discovery, if you are curious about who you are. And if you know deep down that you can do more. But you don’t know how… You may want to read my last article on GROWTH HERE.

Today I’ll share with you my thoughts about FREEDOM.
And how deceitful is what you believe as being freedom. And what’s on the other side of the coin.

Please read with your mind opened as you may not like what’s next. And if you find something to irritate you, that’s a huge signal that you may want to pay attention to. Same as physical pain. If you have a toothache, hurts like hell. But that only tells you that you have to see your dentist.

My definition for FREEDOM is simple. To do what I want, whenever I want without breaking the law or hurting someone. I’m curious if you have you define it in a different way.

Until few years ago, I thought I was free. And I was far away from the truth. Allow me to tell you why.
I was doing everything I wanted in respect with my definition for freedom.
My disillusion was that… What I thought I want wasn’t 100% true. Felt true, but wasn’t my truth. Let me explain what I mean, will soon make sense.

Studies say that in our first 7 years of life we are in a sort of state of hypnosis. We are like a sponge. We absorb knowledge and behaviours from our parents and play mates. Isn’t it amazing how quickly children learn? Must be some truth in those studies, as I struggle now, in my 30’s to remember a phone number.

So… what did you learn in those 7 years?

You’ve learned what a woman does, what’s a man role, and all the shoulds and musts. Must go to work, must work hard, money don’t grow on trees. You’ve learned discipline in school, discipline at home, basic norms of hygiene. And lots of other cultural and spiritual things.

And just to remind you, the world has never been perfect nor your parents. You may believe they are and if they really are, I’m really happy for you.
Therefore, what you have learned may not be true or correct. But that’s your truth. And we all live by our own truth.

So, let’s get back to that FREEDOM.

If you don’t feel 100% good in your shoes.
If you have thoughts of breaking up with your partner.
If you feel that the job you’re in is only paying your bills.
If you feel that your friends aren’t real and you can’t talk openly about things that matter to you.
In other words, if you struggle, allow me to tell you that you’re not free.

FREEDOM feels blissful. No strings attached. No guilt, no shame, no panic, no sweat. And it’s attainable. You only need to want to achieve it. And obviously, to put in some work.

You may be physically free, but you’re trapped in your mind. And what keeps you trapped in your mind. What doesn’t allow you to live in that blissful state, are exactly those beliefs you gathered in those 7 years and all along your life.

This is what I want you to do.

I want you do get some free coaching. Grab a pan and a paper now. It’s one small step to get to that FREEDOM you want to achieve. Don’t leave it for later as things may come up and you’ll simply forget. So, be committed to yourself and do it now.

What feels wrong now in your life? ‘All’ is not the answer. And we both know it.

So, whatever feels wrong… how did you get there?
What thoughts made you to choose that job, that partner, that friend, that situation?

And… the most powerful question is…

Whose thoughts are they?

Dive deep my friend. Go straight to the root. If you cut a tree branch, the tree will keep on growing. And it will take the light out from your eyes. So, go to the root of your beliefs.

If you struggle with money, remember that ‘money don’t grow on trees.’ And who said that.

If you struggle with your relationships, look back to your parents. Have they been faithful to each other? Did they show love to one another? Look at your previous relationship. What’s the pattern? So, whose beliefs are those?

If you struggle with confidence, look back to whom made you feel unworthy or not good enough. This can reflect in your relationships as well. You may always be giving and receive very little from others.

Check this link for a short video about self-worth. It will redirect you to my YouTube channel.

If you struggle in your job, think at whom wanted you to be a lawyer, gardener or a full-time mum?

Whatever you struggle with… has a solution. You may not like what you’ll have to do. But deep down you know the answer.

95% of your actions come from your subconscious part of the mind. In that part of the mind are stored your beliefs since childhood. And not all of them serve you.

If you want more clarity about where you are in your life or how to overcome stress, get in touch. I know I can help you with that.
Send me a WhatsApp message on +44738664319 or a message on my Facebook page and we can take it from there.

I would love to connect with you and help you in your journey.

Stay safe!