Leven, Fife

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Hi there!

Hope my post finds you well. Or, as well as it can be, considering the times we’re going through.

If you’re heartbroken this post is for you.

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Your trust may have been broken. You’ve may been cheated on.
Or things just didn’t go your way.
Whatever it happened,
I need you to know that
If deep down you feel you deserve better,
But you’re not sure
‘Cause you’ve been made to believe
That all what you’ve had
With that person
Was the best you could have had.
All of these are true.
You had the best the other one
Could’ve given to you.

We can all give as much as we have.
You’ve been made to believe that
You don’t deserve more
Who has the courage to admit that
Someone can be better than ourselves?
Maybe a person
Who’s done some inner deep s**t work.
But that takes time and effort.

If you’ve been in a relationship
With a narcissist
And that is over
Take a deep breath
And give God a big thank you.

I know it hurts like hell.
I’ve been 5 years with a guy
Who cheated on me
As often as he could. And by this, I mean a lot.
And, when I finally left,
the only explanation I’ve been given was
That I was too good for him.

I tried to find him excuses
But that wasn’t my job
To fix his issues.
Instead, I started to focus
On myself.
What made me stay for sooo long?
And then it hit me
I wasn’t respecting myself enough.
I didn’t believe I could find someone to love me
Because I didn’t love myself enough.

Long story short.
If someone made you suffer
Please ask yourself
‘Why did I allow this to happen?’

And don’t judge yourself too harsh
We all have been bullied, compared
These days we’re living in
Encouraging perfection
And is just simply not right.

So, if you find yourself
Having low self-esteem,
It’s time for you
To put your sh*t together
And start investing in yourself.
And I’m not talking about going for a boob job.
But for you to learn
How to be on your own
And to enjoy your company.
If you want a man or a woman
Who looks for more than a look.
You’ll have to become someone
Who’s more than a look.

And to know it and to own it before
jumping in a new relationship just
Because being alone scares you.
By doing this,
You’ll end up with the same type of guy or woman.
Do your job,
Become that worthy person you want to be.

What is one thing you always dreamed to do, but you put it aside because you dedicated all of your time and energy to your partner?

From that place
Time WASTERS will self-exclude.
You’ll know when you’ll meet one.
You’ll hear them saying that you’re
Too much, or high maintenance.
And believe them.
If you’re too much, that means they can’t handle you.
And you’ve already been there.
Be wise.
Your time matters.
It’s the most precious gift
You can offer to someone.

And if time is your most precious gift you can give to someone,
I want to thank for sharing your time with me. ❤🤗

If you want help with moving confidently forward,
I am here for you.
I’m sure we can find a way to change things for better.
Take care!

Thank you Pixabay for images.