Leven, Fife

I’ve been asked
to talk about relationships,
And also,
I’ve seen a lot of people
In my coaching practice
Struggling to find
A real connection.
To have a meaningful relationship
That goes deeper
Than the facade
Of sweet little lies.

This post is about confidence
And confidence in dating.

The video is part of a series
I filmed for you,
If you’re on a journey
Of finding your soul mate.
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This one is special
Because I will share with you
3 tips in how to look
and be more confident
On a date.

If you believe
you suck at dating
Because you’re shy
Or you just…
don’t know what to say,
This video will surely help you.

Tip no. ONE

your date is human-

We are all human.
You are human,
And the person you date
However awesome or achieved
They may look,
They are human as well.

And that means
That they have their own insecurities
They’ve done a lot of mistakes
They doubt themselves
They question as well
if they say the right things.
They feel rubbish some days
They may struggle with money or time.
They are human.
And that also means
That they experience emotions and feelings
Just like you do.

Be natural, be yourself
And take the opportunity
To know that person better.
If you don’t know what to say
ask questions,
be curious!
Not only that
you will get to understand them better,
but also
you will look interested in them.

In my next post/video
I will share with you
10 smart questions
you may want to ask on a date.

Tip no. 2

just be yourself –

Be natural
And don’t try to be someone else.

Don’t try to be someone else
because the person you date
may perceive you
as a liar, a phony, a fake
And that’s not the best way
to start.

Why did I mention this?
In my dating past
I met some men
Who would tell me
everything they thought
I wanted to hear.

That totally broke the rapport
and there was no turning back.
I don’t say that
you should
bring up all your dirty secrets
On a first date.
But only to be sincere
with who you are,
without making promises
you cannot keep.
Or, to try to mislead
your date.

And finally, The THIRD tip I have for you
for looking more confident
on a date is…

– Self-deprecating humour –

If you’re one of the people who
take things too seriously,
you may take yourself too seriously as well.

So, when you do a mistake,
Instead of pondering too much on it
Just have a laugh at yourself.
Instead of
‘Oh my god, how could I’ve said that?’,
On a serious, smothering tone
Try and say instead
‘Oh my god! What did I just say?
And laugh.

This says about you
That you’re fun to be around.
That you’re non-judgemental and accepting.
If you can accept
your own mistakes,
you can also accept that
others may make mistakes as well.
That will help you a lot
in building a rapport with your date.

This are my 3 tips for you
On how to look and be more confident on a date.
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Love you!
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