Leven, Fife

Ruxandra A.

Life Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

I am Ruxandra, but those close to me call me Rux or Ruxi. As a life coach, I help people who feel stuck to move forward in their lives.

My Story

I am a transformational coach- aka life coach- a relaxation and stress management practitioner, certified in clinical hypnosis, a Reiki master and for some, a spiritual teacher.

I love creating content that inspires, empowers and motivates.You can check bellow my blog and my YouTube channel where I post content as much as my spare times allows.

Sometimes, I use some of the ideas that pop up, through our coaching sessions, in my blog posts. Without disclosing your name or any personal data. I respect your privacy and your courage to open up.
You would be amazed of how many of us share the same limitations. My blog posts are inspired from coaching and also, from my personal experiences. I love when people inspire people. So, you inspire me and our stories help people like us to not feel excluded. It’s so reassuring when we can relate, isn’t it?

My Values & Beliefs

I believe in God and I don’t 🙄.

Being a Christian, I’ve been thaught that God is a man with beard, sitting somewhere in the clouds. Becoming spiritual, I believe that God, I like to call it Source, is the energy that flows through us, drives us and it’s full of love, kindness and compassion. I am rather a pantheist. I believe any God in any religion is good as long as it’s understood from a place of love.

I embrace diversity.

I love people, but I love spending time on my own. Really love my time on my own. I love meditating, self-coaching and… I don’t have a T.V. 😅 I wouldn’t have time for that anyway.

My side of genius is seing and understanding things on a deeper level. I have experienced life fully and that brought me the capacity of not judging people. I failed big and I succeeded big. Sometimes I get lost as well and that’s why I have my own coach. 

My Approach

I started my career as a reporter when I was 18 which led to my own TV show in Romania.
I then worked in sales, on a farm and as a bartender.
I have tried a lot of jobs but nothing seemed to make me happy.

I had always been eager to try new things and to meet new people. I studied languages in high school and then studied Law to please my parents. I couldn’t see myself working as a lawyer and so I decided to go for nursing instead.

I studied nursing for 3 years and this helped me to understand my caring nature. This led me to an unique opportunity to change my life completely. It brought me here, to Scotland. I came to find myself. I came to let my past and some of my toxic relationships behind. I had never dreamed of leaving my country, yet here I am, enjoying my life. And because I like to grow and to become a better version of myself, I chose and helping others to do the same for themselves.

My core values are growth, kindness, compassion and empowerment. If you want to know what your values are, Click here.

My own growth and the support I received from coaches aand therapists, inspired me to become a life coach. I’ve seen people like me, struggling in their relationships, or in their jobs and I felt their pain. If I could find a way to move forward, I love helping others who want the same for themselves


My Certifications

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