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Change Your Story

Change Your Story

Quick read (2-3 min). I put all the words below in a short video, to make it easier for you. Enjoy! Video here 》》Change your story I would 😍❤ love to know what do you prefer. Reading or watching. 🙏 That’s just a short message to remind you of who you are. I know...

When you feel lost

All you have to do is to… Remember I won’t tell you that you’re strong, ’cause you may not feel so. But what I can ask you is… To remember… Remember your first day of school. If you’re like me, you may have felt enthusiastic...

I know exactly who you are

We like to think we are different. Various shapes, colours, but what is it that really makes us different? The uniqueness in your appearance is easy to be replaced. The words you speak have been already said. The wisdom you possess doesn’t belong to you....

Big boys don’t cry

Yes, nowadays, boys must have muscles, fancy cars and white teeth. And, of course, ladies have to have big boobs, delicious lips and long legs. In one of my previous articles, I tried to explain, how looks and appearance are misjudged. See more here From a skinny...

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