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What’s the process like

1. Book a FREE discovery call, up to 45 min

You can contact me through the website, WhatsApp, facebook or Instagram.We agree on a date and then we’ll have a chance to meet virtually. I like to offer value from the beginning. Despite that fact that this session will be free of cost, I respect your time and energy investment.

2. Getting in touch

We will use any platform you’re familiar with. Skype/ Zoom/ Messenger/ WhatsApp In this discovery call, FREE of charge, you will get a taste of what coaching is and how you feel about my coaching style. Basically, we aim to create a trust-based rapport. In this first session, you will talk about what you would like to achieve, whether is something material, spiritual or a better feeling. We’ll talk about that and we’ll see what you can do to achieve it. By the end, you should feel more at ease and hopeful. I love the smiles my clients have on their face, after they share their problems or dreams.

You may want to go to the next step or not. Hassle free and no obligation. Also, I will bring my expertise if I am the right coach for you. When we both agree, we move to the next step.

3. Signing the agreement.

That’s the boring stuff that we need to do. It’s for our protection as is full of scammers out there. By signing this, we both engage in the process of coaching. The contract states clearly when, how, for how long we will work together. Also, I engage in keeping your confidentiality safe. There will be some clauses for refunds as well.

4. The payment.

After we signed the agreement, I will send you a link where you can transfer the money. The payment will be done before starting the coaching programme agreed in the contract. By this step, you will know already if this is the right thing for you.

5. Getting the best out of you.

Here is where our coaching journey begins. I will ensure you get a lot of value from coaching with me. If you are eager to grow fast and steady, I will send you materials, links, exercises. We will develop a plan based on where you are now and what is the ultimate goal. I’ll make sure the plan is achievable, realistic and easy to be followed. You will receive my support between sessions via messages, depending on the coaching package chosen. I am thrilled to meet you. Hope you are excited as well to start working towards your dream life.

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