Coaching can be defined in so many ways, but this is how I’ve seen it working for my clients.

I see coaching as a process of self-discovery, self-understanding where we identify mental blockages/ limiting beliefs/ contradictions. From there we start working on achievable goals. May them be material or spiritual.

Most of the people I’ve worked with want to change something. And sometimes they don’t have a clue what needs to be changed. They just want to be more confident, to get rid of ‘comparisonitas’, to live congrous with their values and beliefs.

They are either feeling stuck in a relationship or a job. They want to start a new career or a business and they may have fears and doubts.

My role is to find your whys and to help you find clarity.

My journey in coaching started 3 year ago, when I was going through a rough patch, a midlife crisis or an awakening. Check the video bellow.

Myself, as a coach, I mirror back and help my clients see themselves from a different perspective. Coaching is fun, but is hard work. We work on a deeper level, and trust me, we go deep. Powerful questions always bring powerful results.

Skype coaching session with a happy end.

As a coach, I am not here to validate your stories that brought you in a place where you don’t want to be. I value your time and money and I am willing to be part of your transformation. Sometimes, it’s not easy when we hear the stories we told ourselves for so long. But how can we change, how can we grow if we don’t hear those stories?

I do this through deep listening and powerful questions.

Why powerful? Because I can. My mission is to be here for you, to deliver all support I have for your success. My biggest value is growth and my heart is thrilled when I work with someone who commits to grow.

I do believe in you because I had to learn to believe in myself when no one else did.

I have a holistic approach when comes about coaching, I do not judge and I love working on a spiritual level. My nursing background in supporting people with dementia, helped me to understand the ‘mysteries’ of the brain and how we create/ shape our reality.

Coaching is a partnership, a journey of discovery. It can bring up the biggest desires within, covered with many layers of fear. Revealing the layers, one by one, you will identify the fears, understanding they are unsustainable and move forward to the place, or feeling of fulfilment.