A.M. 39, woman

After just a few sessions with Ruxundra, I am very glad that I found her. Ruxandra is a skillful coach and I have a lot of respect for her and her style of coaching. She listens with care and is able to ask questions that get to the crux of the matter, while remaining supportive and compassionate.
I have turned up to our coaching sessions in a range of emotional states – ranging from buoyant to broken, and each time, Ruxandra has steadfast in her professionalism and approach. She’s totally non-judgemental and has adapted our sessions to suit my mindset and position at the time. With Ruxandra’s help I am beginning to accept myself for what I am and how I feel.
Working with Ruxandra has been a revelation and I will be grateful to keep working with her for as long as I am able to.