Sandra G.

I have forgotten myself as many people do in these days and I hit the bottom. As I think nothing happens with no reason in this life, I met Ruxandra. From the start she reminded me that I am just a human being, passing through rough times and that was just a normal experience I had to live, in my evolution. I understood that was normal to take it easy and to allow myself to have a break. Working with Ruxandra, I’ve felt supported and that allowed me to dig in some parts of my mind and my soul and to bring out tears of happiness, tingles and to be more aware of living in the present moment. I did remind myself that I was the most important person in my life, without feeling the guilt of being selfish. She is calm and she knows when and what to ask for making others to find the answers to their questions. I felt amazed of what was lying deep inside me, and with Ruxandra’s help, I managed to bring it all out to the light.